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Red lipstick and Fishnets

My favorite weapon is the look in your eyes.

Amanda Stroyer
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I am milk
I am red hot kitchen

And I am cool
Cool as the deep blue ocean

Choose the right victim
Send mixed singals
Confused desire with reality
Mix pleasure and pain

I'll make you God.

The score to my stories.

It is a twisted ride in my world. All you have to do is drive.

Tell me you love me...
Tell me you adore me...
Tell me you miss me...
Tell me you want me...

Excite me...
Dazzle me...
Delight me...
Bring me to my knees...
Tell me there is no other woman in the world like me...

MySpace...add me bitches.

The line between love and madness is obsession.

Some of the things in here are true, other just cravings. Take a guess. The names and dates have been changed. Some could have happened years ago, others maybe just days ago.